“Kathryn is amazing! She is extremely sweet, caring, and was a huge help when I gave birth to my son. I’d suggest her to anyone having a baby that is having any anxiety or just needs some extra support. I wish we could give her a 10 star rating!”    Nicole, August 2017


“Kathryn was absolutely amazing! She has a true gift. She was a tremendous support system and a huge wealth of knowledge. I would have talked myself out of having a vbac without her helping me to maintain a positive confident outlook!”     Brittany, November 2017


“Kathryn was a true joy to work with. She came to my house in a snowstorm to offer her support then followed us to the hospital. When at the hospital she always supported me in my care choices and never imparted her own opinions on me. Her gentle reminders kept me focused on the task at hand and her gentle touch was soothing during some my tensest contractions. I would use Kathryn again and will be recommending her to friends.”  Alexa, February 2018


“Kathryn was a delightful addition to our birth journey. I can’t imagine going through our induction and labor without her there. She was the calming force in the room and once active labor started she never left my side. She was coaching me through contractions, pain management, the epidural, and stayed in the room overnight with us as the nurses worked to stabilize the baby before beginning the pitocin. She was there 20 HRs straight with nothing more than a granola bar, a coffee and a recliner to sleep in. Once pushing began her talent and skill truly came to light. Her voice was a guiding light for someone like me. I have horrible anxiety and kept my eyes closed throughout the pushing. Her counting and encouragement overshadowed the whispers of the medical professionals and allowed me to focus! After 50 hours (from check in to birth) I, with Kathryn’s help, was able to push our baby out in just 24 minutes! Her passion for what she does was obvious when our baby was born! She truly cherishes being present for one of natures greatest miracles! LOVE HER!!!!”      Kristi, April 2018


“After having our first child and feeling overwhelmed during labor, we knew we needed a doula for our second child.  Kathryn’s kind, professional and calm personality sold me right away.  Her voice is gentle.  Her experience and wisdom eased all of my fears.  Her ability to know when to help and when to back off made me feel powerful and confident in the hardest moments of labor.  Kathryn empowered my husband and encouraged him through the whole experience.  When decisions had to be made, Kathryn was right there with her gentle wisdom helping me find the best solution for me.  We cannot recommend Kathryn enough.”  Erica, October 2018